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Aum Sri Sai Ram

About Sai Sahara Samithi

The Story behind Sai Sahara Samithi from the founders in their own words:-

Dr.Kalyani Sundararajan’s father Late Sri. A.N. Subramanyam was almost prophetic when he named our house as “SAHARA” – meaning DIVINE SHELTER .

On our 25th Weding Anniversary during a sampradhaya bhajan, SWAMI showed his presence as Vibuthi on HIS Picture and on the Saree where other deity Pictures were kept. Since then Sahara became SAI SAHARA the Divine shelter of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

A Visit and listening to the melodious bhajan at SUNDARAM inspired Dr.Kalyani to start Bhajans at "Sai Sahara" on 1st Saturdays of Every month. The Bhajans were followed by speech by eminent speakers. During these Bhajans, Swami always showed his presence as Vibuthi (or) Kum Kum and on several occasions as VIGRAHAMS. It is so unique about the Vigrahams materialised by Swami that it always relates to the Speech e.g Krishna Vigraham appeared while the topic of the day is Bhagavatham.

As the number of Devotees increased from 30 to 80 and sometimes 100 nos , On the suggestion of a friend the Bhajan were shifted to Every Thursday of the month starting with VISHNU SAHARANAMAM chanting. One of the regular visitors for the Thursday bhajan was Mr.Thirumurthy, Convenor, Annananagar West Samithi. Mr. Murthy wanted that SAI SAHARA should become a Bhajana Mandali. Soon, Sai Sahara Bhajana Mandali became a part of Annanagar West Samithi in the year 1998 and actively involved in all their Spiritual and Service activities. With their activities and members increasing our District President P.Suresh Kumar felt that Sai Sahara Bhajana Mandali should become a individual Samithi, and SAI SAHARA bhajana mandali emerged as “SAI SAHARA SAMITHI” on 1st January,2008.

About Bhajana Mandali : Sai Sahaa

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba predicted in the year 1964 to C.K.Jagdish - Grandfather of C.RajKumar , that "The day 'I' visit your house in any form your grandson will start doing Bhajans at His House ". And the Prediction Came true in the year 2007 and Bhajan have started at the residence of C.Rajkumar on First Saturdays. The Number of devotees thronging to listen to melodius bhajans increased from 30 to 50 as days passed. And finally , SAI SAHAA Bhajana Mandali came into existence on March 26th , 2008.