SHOWER OF LOVE IN SHOWER OF RAIN In or around the year 2000, a 74 year old devotee came to Swami s Ashram in Puttaparthi along with others on annual Seva Dal duty. He came from Bhavani, a small town, known for cotton blankets, located at the confluence of Cauvery and Bhavani rivers and it is an extension of Erode city in South India.

He was posted near the Ganesha Temple at the main entrance of the Ashram. He was assigned the work of guarding the area around the temple.

It was night time and it started raining heavily. But this Seva Dal did not move even an inch from the place where he was asked to stay and continued to stand there, unmindful of the rain. He was fully drenched in the rain. He did not have an umbrella or a rain coat. He did not want to leave the place, go to his room and bring some sheeting to cover himself. He considered duty more important than his own comfort.

The Seva Dal group leader came and asked him -Why are you standing in the rain? You could have moved to a shelter nearby. He replied I have been asked to stay here and I will stand only in this place. My duty is important. He refused to move from that place.

It was past midnight and the group leader went on a round to check if other Seva Dal members were doing ok. When he came back to Ganesha Temple after about 1 hour, he saw this man from Bhavani , still standing there but this time with a nice PASHMINA shawl on him.

The group leader asked him if he went to his room and got this shawl.

He said 'I did not go anywhere. This shawl has been given to me by Swami. He said "Swami came to me walking in the slushy rain water at about 1 AM. I was taken aback when I saw Him coming towards me, holding an umbrella in one hand and His robe with the other. He came straight to me in the mid night and asked me with love and compassion 'don't you feel cold?. I could not answer Swami as my throat was chocking and tears coming out of eyes. He then took this shawl and covered me with this. After that He went back to his residence'.

He was so happy that Swami personally came and talked to him with so much of kindness and compassion. This Seva Dal was immensely happy with the great gift from Swami and was showing the shawl to others with so much of happiness.

This shows how much Swami cares for his devotees and those who do selfless seva.