In 1999, this writer was in Amsterdam, Holland. In such a small country of 16 mil people, there were 16 centers for Swamy at that time. It may be many more now.

In Amsterdam, the Dutch devotees have a separate building for Swamys Center and it is called De Lotus. It is a very beautiful building with a very nice and large Bhajan Hall.

The devotees of the Centre assemble there on Thursday evenings. They come there little early in the evening, prepare and have their supper. Then they start the Bhajan session, that is well planned-each singer is assigned a bhajan and they use a placard to indicate who has to sing which bhajan next. The bhajans are at a slower tempo and very melodious with guitars and dolak as main accompaniments. After the Bhajans, they have satsang and they watch Swamis videos.

I met a few Dutch devotees, who have had personal interviews with Swami and met few from Surinam. (Surinam was called Dutch Guyana prior to their independence from the Netherlands in 1975. During British rule many Indians, particularly from Bihar and UP migrated there to work in the Sugar Cane plantations. So they are settled there for over 170 years., like those in Trinidad and Tobago) Many Surinamese of Indian origin speak Bhojpuri, which is a dialect spoken in parts of Bihar, UP and Jharkhand and also in Nepal.

One of the devotees, originally from Surinam and settled in Holland, narrated to me her experience. She came to Puttaparthi sometime in early 90s. She was in the darshan line. Swami came near her and was trying to tell her something. She told Swami that she can understand and speak only Bhojpuri among the Indian languages.

Immediately Swami spoke with her in fluent Bhojpuri. She was so happy and returned to Holland after few days.

She went back to Puttaparthi again after about 4 or 5 years. She was waiting for Swamis darshan. Swami came that evening. When He came near her, Swami told her 'I am aware you know only Bhojpuri' and started talking to her in that language, even before she said anything to Him.

She was stunned, wondering how Swami could recognize her after so many years in such a big crowd of thousands of people and remember to talk to her in her language !