Sairam Brothers and Sisters,

Offering our most humble salutations at the Divine Lotus Feet of our Loving Lord Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. We are sharing an inspiring “LELA” of our “Lela Mohana Sai” who is still continuing His Lelas with greater intensity.

The Truck Driver from Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu / India) carried the Floor tiles for our Connoor Sri Sathya Sai Samithi and reached Connoor by early morning around 5.00am on 8th July 2012 Sunday. He called our Sai Sister Yasodha, to inform her about his arrival and wanted her to open the Samithi to unload the Floor tiles from the truck. Sister Yasodha explained this that it was too early in the morning, dark, cold and above all she has to inform Sai youth to join her in unloading the tiles and requested the driver to wait till 6.00 am. The Driver requested our Sister Yasodha to come as early as possible.

At this time, the Driver observed someone in White Dress, opening the Samithi. Then Person introduced himself as “I am Swami’s Devotee from Chennai, I have come to unload the tiles”. The Devotee unloaded tiles and arranged them neatly. He handed over the keys to the Driver with a smile and told him, “Sister Yasodha will come now, she will collect the keys from you” and walked away.

Around 6.00 am, Sister Yasodha, was searching the Keys for the Samithi. To her great surprise, they were missing from the usual place. She search all over her house and could not find them. Finally, she decided to go to the Samithi and unload the “Floor Tiles” in the nearby house, so that she can send the driver back to Coimbatore, who is being delayed.

When Sister Yasodha reached Swami’s Samithi, she was wonder struck. She saw the Swami’s Samithi was open. She asked the Driver “How did you manage to open the Samithi?”. He informed her that, the person sent by her, from Chennai, A Sai Devotee, came opened the Samithi and unloaded all the tiles. “What a Sai Devotee from Chennai ?” – how did he manage to get the keys from my home Sister Yasodha was amazed. “How did he look like ?” asked our Sister. The Driver described the features of the Devotee. Further added to mention that he had a Red Kumkumam on his fore head. Now Sister Yasodha was so very anxious to confirm the statements of the Driver.

She showed the Driver the Photo Album having photos taken during “Sai Kailas” inauguration. The Album had the photos of Sai Devotes and Swami Students who had come from Chennai for the inauguration of the Temple. The Driver pointed “Brother Krishnamoorthy Venkataraman” from Chennai, (Swami’s Student) as the Devotee, who came and unloaded the tiles. She knows the fact that Brother Krishnamoorthy Venkataraman is in Chennai.

On 8th July, He is giving a in Chinthadripet Sri Sathya Sai Samithi’s anniversary celebrations. Sister Yasodhas happiness had no bounds. She informed everyone about this Miracle. Dr.Ramu, the District President of Nigiris call our Brother Krish around 8.30 am. Brother Krish was very well there in Chennai, enjoying the Balavikas cultural Programme in Chinthadripet. Dr.Ramu shared the wonderful and inspiring Miracle of Swami with Brother Krish. Brother Kish, shared the Love of Swami for His Devotees during his talk in Chinthadripet. The Anniversary was very grand with participation of Past Balavikas children. District President for South Chennai Sai Brother Sri.Balasubramanian gave an excellent speech. The function was concluded with Maha Mangala Aarathi for Swami. After the function, Brother Krish took his prasadam and came to Sundaram Temple.

When Brother Krish came to Sundaram, he first went to Sai Sundareshwarar, thanked Swami for His Love for His Devotees, went to the book stall and then entered the Mini Prayer Hall. The Sevadal in the Mini Prayer Hall Mr.Pattabiraman got up from his chair and told Brother Krish “Sir, you wanted the keys for the room in the first floor, I told you to collect it from Brother Palani, he is there entering Sundaram, you can collect the keys from him- Sairam”. Brother Krish could not understand anything from this statement. Brother Krish clarified “Why do I need the keys for the room in the first floor ? That is Swami’s Room – Right ?”. Brother Pattabiraman smiled and replied “You came an hour before and asked the keys for the room. I told you that Brother Palani has the keys. Then you went out. Now you have come again, Brother Palani is also coming. “ Brother Krish was seeing stars is various colours. One hour back, I was in Chinthadripet Samithi, talking to Balavikas Children. Later I had my Prasadam (Potato curry with Sambar rice ) with our District President Mr.Balu, how can I come here ?”. Brother Pattabiraman continued “What Brother, you came here 1 hour ago, Same shirt, Same smile, Same voice, Same Red Kumkumam on the forehead. There were only 3 people you have come to Mini Prayer Hall. First you came. Then it was our Sai Brother Meenakshi Sundaram from Radio Sai Team with his friend. Now, Again you have come. I very well know, it was you who came here an hour ago”. Brother Krish was in tears. Brother Krish recollect the Golden Days he had with Swami in 1986 January during Swami’s visit to Sundaram, In the Very same Mini Prayer Hall of Sundaram is where Swami assured Brother Krish that Swami will do anything for the Pure Love and Devotion of His Devotees.

Brother Pattabiraman shared his divine experiences with everyone in Sundaram. Later that evening, while introducing the speaker to the devotes in Sundaram, our National Vice President Sri.Ramani shared both the instances of Ooty and Sundram with all Sai Family Members. The Message was that Swami is omnipresent, He is within us and with us both without form and with form, guiding us and showering His Divine Love & Grace. It is time for us to realize the same.

When I called up Brother Krish, he was in total bliss. He told me that, “This is PURELY SWAMM’S DIVINE LOVE”. We have read in Periya Puranam, how Lord Shiva came to rescue his devotees. How he carried sand and work on behalf of a old woman. Now, for the Pure and intense Love of the Devotees of Nilgiris, Swami has come and unloaded the tiles with His own Divine hands. Brother Krish was so very happy for the truck Driver, who was so very fortunate to spend nearly an hour with Swami. Brother Krish confirmed that it is ONLY with the Grace of our Bhagwan, our Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation and Because of his Balavikas Guru, he is leading a better life. Brother Krish concluded that, he is praying to Swami for His Divine Guidance for having minimum one Sri Sathya Sai Balavikas in each and every pincode of India. Thanking Swami for His Divine Love and Grace.

Om Sri Sairam